It is lightweight, thin, and perfect for telehealth.


Get one for each client and take your sessions to the next level. .


Another option is to use Quenza’s dedicated journaling feature, which allows clients to create dated, free-text journal entries.

Best goal-setting journal: Poketo Quarterly Goal Planner. The sleek design and sturdy build quality are an advantage. .


It has the same weight and feel of the classic, but the pages. . .

. It's also super lightweight making it the perfect choice to carry between classes.


However, it might be difficult to pick the right laptop for a therapist from many laptop choices out there.

NOTEBOOK FOR THERAPISTS & COUNSELLORS: FOR SESSION NOTES, SUPERVISION THEMES AND MORE. No one notebook is perfect for everyone, so we found 12 in different styles and sizes—all better than what you could grab off the shelf at the pharmacy.

Mar 28, 2021 · Therefore, this notebook is recommended by professionals because it’s designed in a very structured way to ensure all information needed is easily accessible and organized. Aug 9, 2022 · View at Amazon.

7 stars, 28,626 reviews.
Note taking.


End time: List the time that the session ended.

Another favorite from Moleskine is the hardcover Pro notebook, made for keeping track of tasks and projects. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you'll learn to reframe and reset your perspective when feeling overwhelmed and anxious—putting you back in control of your emotions, one step at a time. .

You can upload custom templates for notebook pages—plain, lined, dotted, etc. Next appointment: The date the patient will come in for the next session is agreed upon. . . . If it makes you more interested in writing, decorate or personalize your journal/notebook/blog.

25" x 8.

SOAP note for medical practitioners (Care Cloud, n. If writing is your escape, the aptly named Anti-Anxiety Notebook from Therapy Notebooks offers over 100 guided journal entries powered by the psychological method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


★ Perfect for new and professional therapist, doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and many more.